For the love of passion fruit…

Wether it’s a key lime pie, or  mangu covered in onions and vinegar, I have always loved tart flavors.  If you know me, you know nothing beats passion fruit.  If I see anything on a menu with passion fruit, I have to order it.  It’s a strange addiction.  My adoration is so intense, that I created a passion fruit buttercream a few years ago, and my customers love it.

A month ago, I wouldn’t have been able to write the paragraph above with authority. Now, “I own that shit.”  That’s the best way I could put it.  Vacation in the Dominican Republic was mentally relaxing, a sightseeing spectacular, a humbling experience and probably the most important, a culinary adventure for my taste buds.  I’ll cover a lot of my vacation in future blog posts, but lets focus on what really matters here, passion fruit. 

The passion fruit I’ve been used to my entire life, has been a bag of frozen passion fruit pulp in the freezer section of my local market.  Don’t get me wrong, what I use is a quality product and quite delicious, but man oh man…  During vacation, I had fresh passion fruit for the first time, and I had A LOT of it.

Running your knife through a thick-skinned fruit, thinking of the inside as hallow, until you separate the fruit into 2 parts.  The sight of  black speckles covered in a bright orange, slightly gelatinous pulp is an intriguing one.  Grabbing a spoon, releasing any bit of pulp attached to the skin just so you won’t miss one drop of juice.  Inserting your spoon deep in to the small half to get as much pulp as you can, lifting your spoon with hanging seeds, and treating your taste buds to a flavorful pucker.  Close your eyes and savor the moment. Repeat until no orange pulp remains.  …and that my friends, is euphoria.

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